Karen Kamenetzky
Fiber Artist



I dye, paint and stitch silk and wool to create boldly colored biomorphic wallhangings inspired by microscopic/cellular imagery - a kind of visual invented biology with textiles.

I find this imagery metaphorically rich since all change fundamentally happens on this infinitesimal level.


Recent Exhibit
"Matters of Concerns"
La Verriere Gallery
Brussels, Belgium
April 27-July 9, 2019


"Karen Kamenetzky’s art dazzles the eye, the skin, the mind. Lush color, sensuous textures, and dynamic compositions combine to form organic abstractions of subatomic life. She fuses intense, unexpected color combinations with forms that are deployed in sometimes rhythmic and other times syncopated patterns. Stitching becomes the top note of her jazzy riffs on the microscopic structures of our world."

–Mara Williams, Curator
Brattleboro Museum and Art Center


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The Possibilities are Endless


"The fiber art of Karen Kamenetzky is a physical manifestation of the deep relationship between color and life.
Kamenetzky dyes and paints silks and cottons, then cuts and collages them into brilliant landscapes inspired by biological processes, as captured through electron microscopy. If you have seen reproductions of the pieces, their thick, pendulous presence as they hang in the gallery will come as a surprise.

An entirely pleasant surprise. For it is their thickly stitched layers, and thus their resemblance to intricately layered networks of animal or plant tissue, that ultimately complete the metaphor and reveal how color becomes life."
-Paula Melton
Artscope Magazine



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